September 2019

Volume 41, Issue 9

September 2019


Page: 2843-2850 First Published: 13 August 2019



Parotidectomy by an endoscopic‐assisted postauricular‐groove approach
Tiancheng Li MD, Yuhe Liu MD, PhD, Quangui Wang MM, Yong Qin MD, PhD, Weihua Gao MM, Qian Li MD, Erik Schiferle BA, Shuifang Xiao MD

Pages: 2851-2859 | First Published: 14 March 2019


Adjunctive Chinese herbal medicine therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Clinical evidence and experimental validation
Ying‐Chyi Song PhD, Kuo‐Feng Hung MD, Kai‐Li Liang MD, Jen‐Huai Chiang MS, Hui‐Chi Huang PhD, Hui‐Ju Lee MS, Mei‐Yao Wu MD, PhD, Sheng‐Jie Yu PhD, Hsin‐Yi Lo PhD, Tin‐Yun Ho PhD, Hung‐Rong Yen MD, PhD

Pages: 2860-2872 | First Published: 15 April 2019


Induction of cell fusion/apoptosis in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma in orthotopic mouse model by urokinase‐specific oncolytic Sendai virus
Yoshihiro Miyagawa MD, PhD, Koji Araki MD, PhD, Taku Yamashita MD, PhD, Shingo Tanaka MD, PhD, Yuya Tanaka MD, Masayuki Tomifuji MD, PhD, Yasujieda PhD, Yoshikazu Yonemitsu MD, PhD, Hideaki Shimada MD, PhD, Akihiro Shiotani MD, PhD

Pages: 2873-2882 | First Published: 10 April 2019


Upregulated long noncoding RNA ENST00000470447.1 inhibits cell migration and invasion and predicts better disease‐free survival of oral cancer
Fa Chen PhD, Lingjun Yan MS, Jing Wang MS, Lisong Lin PhD, Yu Qiu MS, Zhijian Hu PhD, Junfeng Wu BM, Xiaodan Bao BM, Liangkun Lin BM, Rui Wang BM, Lin Cai PhD, Fengqiong Liu PhD, Baochang He PhD

Pages: 2883-2891 | First Published: 10 April 2019


Radiation‐induced sensitivity of tissue‐resident mesenchymal stem cells in the head and neck region
Jennifer L. Spiegel MD, Mario Hambrecht, Vera Kohlbauer PhD, Frank Haubner MD, Friedrich Ihler MD, Martin Canis MD, Arndt F. Schilling MD, Kai O. Böker PhD, Ralf Dressel MD, Katrin Streckfuss‐Bömeke PhD, Mark Jakob MD

Pages: 2892-2903 | First Published: 24 April 2019


Apoptotic signaling in salivary mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Gabriela M. da Silva MSc, Victoria Saavedra BSc, Renata C. F. Ianez PhD, Elen A. de Sousa PhD, Ágatha N. Gomes MSc, Natalie Kelner PhD, Maria A. Nagai PhD, Luiz P. Kowalski MD, PhD, Fernando A. Soares MD, PhD, Silvia V. Lourenço PhD, Cláudia M. Coutinho‐Camillo PhD

Pages: 2904-2913 | First Published: 09 April 2019


Outcomes following head neck free flap reconstruction requiring interposition vein graft or vascular bridge flap
Giuseppe Di Taranto MD, Shih‐Heng Chen MD, Rossella Elia MD, MD, Ngamcherd Sitpahul MD, Jeffrey C. Y. Chan PhD, FRCSI (Plast), Luigi Losco MD, Emanuele Cigna MD, Diego Ribuffo MD, Hung‐Chi Chen MD, PhD, FACS

Pages: 2914-2920 | First Published: 09 April 2019


Comparison of postoperative voice outcomes after postauricular facelift robotic hemithyroidectomy and conventional transcervical hemithyroidectomy
Chang M. Song MD, PhD, Min S. Kim MD, Dong W. Lee MD, Yong B. Ji MD, PhD, Jung H. Park MD, Dong S. Kim MD, PhD, Kyung Tae MD, PhD

Pages: 2921-2928 | First Published: 17 April 2019


Dual‐phase CT angiography for presurgical planning in patients with vessel‐depleted neck
Eugenie Du MD, Sagar Patel BS, Benjamin Huang MD, MPH, Samip N. Patel MD

Pages: 2929-2936 | First Published: 24 April 2019


Ipsilateral neck radiotherapy in N2b well‐lateralized tonsil cancer – Approach with caution
David Maskell MBBS, Hannah Buckley FRCR, Katherine Sission FRCPath, Tom Roques FRCR, Konstantinos Geropantas FRCR

Pages: 2937-2946 | First Published: 06 May 2019


Transoral silastic medialization for unilateral vocal fold paralysis
Ihab Atallah MD, PhD, MK Manjunath MD, Paul F. Castellanos MD, FCCP

Pages: 2947-2951 | First Published: 26 April 2019


Impact of body mass index on post‐thyroidectomy morbidity
Claire Blanchard MD, PhD, Sahar Bannani MBBS, François Pattou MD, PhD, Laurent Brunaud MD, PhD, Antoine Hamy MD, Niki Christou MD, PhD, Muriel Mathonnet MD, PhD, Marcel Dahan MD, Jean‐Michel Prades MD, Gérard Landecy MD, Henri‐Pierre Dernis MD, Fréderic Sebag MD, PhD, Emmanuel Babin MD, Alain Bizon MD, Jean‐Christophe Lifante MD, PhD, Frank Jegoux MD, PhD, Christelle Volteau MS, Cécile Caillard MD, Valery‐Pierre Riche MD, Éric Mirallié MD

Pages: 2952-2959 | First Published: 19 April 2019


Survival of oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma in young adults
Jamie R. Oliver BA, S. Peter Wu MD, Clifford M. Chang BA, Dylan F. Roden MD, Binhuan Wang PhD, Kenneth S. Hu MD, David Schreiber MD, Babak Givi MD

Pages: 2960-2968 | First Published: 15 April 2019


Nonrecurrent laryngeal nerve in thyroid surgery: Frequency, anatomical variations according to a new classification and surgery consideration
Van Quang Le MD, Quoc Duy Ngo MD, Xuan Quy Ngo MD

Pages: 2969-2975 | First Published: 17 April 2019


Recategorization of tumor stage in patients with node‐negative oral tongue cancer: Impact of the eighth edition American Joint Committee staging system
Rushil R. Dang BDS, DMD, Muhammad M. Qureshi MBBS, Steven J. Caldroney MD, DDS, Andrew R. Salama MD, DDS, Minh Tam Truong MD

Pages: 2976-2982 | First Published: 26 April 2019


Detecting recurrent head and neck cancer using electronic nose technology: A feasibility study
Rens M. G. E. van de Goor MD, Joey C. A. Hardy BSc, Michel R. A. van Hooren MD, Bernd Kremer MD, PhD, Kenneth W. Kross MD, PhD

Pages: 2983-2990 | First Published: 23 April 2019


The significance of tumor budding in oral cancer survival and its relevance to the eighth edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer staging system
Yi‐Yun Ho DDS, Tzu‐Ying Wu DDS, Han‐Chieh Cheng DDS, Cheng‐Chieh Yang DDS, PhD, Cheng‐Hsien Wu DDS, PhD

Pages: 2991-3001 | First Published: 23 April 2019


Prediction of pharyngocutaneous fistula and survival after salvage laryngectomy for laryngohypopharyngeal carcinoma
Yong Han Kim MD, Jong‐Lyel Roh MD, PhD, Seung‐Ho Choi MD, PhD, Soon Yuhl Nam MD, PhD, Sang Yoon Kim MD, PhD

Pages: 3002-3008 | First Published: 17 April 2019


Trimodality therapy for oropharyngeal cancer in the TORS era: Is there a cohort that may benefit?
Matthew Gallitto BA, Kunal Sindhu MD, Isaac Wasserman MPH, Brian De MD, Vishal Gupta MD, Brett A. Miles DDS, MD, Eric M. Genden MD, Marshall Posner MD, Krzysztof Misiukiewicz MD, Richard L. Bakst MD

Pages: 3009-3022 | First Published: 17 April 2019


Exploratory analysis of prognostic factors for lenvatinib in radioiodine‐refractory differentiated thyroid cancer
Chiaki Suzuki MD, Naomi Kiyota MD, PhD, Yoshinori Imamura MD, PhD, Hideaki Goto MD, PhD, Hirotaka Suto MD, Naoko Chayahara MD, PhD, Masanori Toyoda MD, PhD, Yasuhiro Ito MD, PhD, Akihiro Miya MD, PhD, Akira Miyauchi MD, PhD, Naoki Otsuki MD, PhD, Ken‐ichi Nibu MD, PhD, Hironobu Minami MD, PhD

Pages: 3023-3032 | First Published: 23 April 2019


Preoperative anemia displays a dose‐dependent effect on complications in head and neck oncologic surgery
Nicholas B. Abt MD, Constantine Tarabanis BA, Ashley L. Miller MD, Sidharth V. Puram MD, PhD, Mark A. Varvares MD

Pages: 3033-3040 | First Published: 29 April 2019


Prognostic impact of tumor growth velocity in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma treated by radiotherapy: A pilot study
Gilles Delahaut MD, Stéphane Témam PhD, Jérôme Ambroise PhD, Yungan Tao PhD, Francois Janot MD, Sébastien Van der Vorst PhD

Pages: 3041-3048 | First Published: 14 May 2019


An innovative reconstruction procedure of total nasal resurfacing with a bipedicled propeller perforator flap
Guillaume de Bonnecaze MD, PhD, Benoit Chaput MD, PhD

Pages: 3049-3055 | First Published: 30 April 2019


Prognostic value of radiographically defined extranodal extension in human papillomavirus‐associated locally advanced oropharyngeal carcinoma
Sibo Tian MD, Matthew J. Ferris MD, Jeffrey M. Switchenko PhD, Kelly R. Magliocca DDS, Richard J. Cassidy MD, Jaymin Jhaveri MD, MS, Ashley H. Aiken MD, Kristen L. Baugnon MD, Patricia A. Hudgins MD, Ayse T. K. Kendi MD, Mihir R. Patel MD, Nabil F. Saba MD, Walter J. Curran MDJonathan J. Beitler MD, MBA

Pages: 3056-3063 | First Published: 02 May 2019


Positive margin rates and predictors in transoral robotic surgery after federal approval: A national quality study
Jonathan Hanna BS, Elliot Morse BS, Philip R. Brauer BA, Benjamin Judson MD, Saral Mehra MD MBA

Pages: 3064-3072 | First Published: 06 May 2019


Chemoradiation and local recurrence of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and the risk of carotid artery blowout
Christian Jacobi MD, Constanze Gahleitner MD, Henning Bier MD, Andreas Knopf MD

Pages: 3073-3079 | First Published: 09 May 2019


Prediction of survival with combining quantitative 18F‐FDG PET/CT and DW‐MRI parameters in sinonasal malignancies
Kerem Ozturk MD, Mehmet Gencturk MD, Emiro Caicedo‐Granados MD, Faqian Li MD, PhD, Zuzan Cayci MD

Pages: 3080-3089 | First Published: 30 April 2019


Comparative transcriptome analysis of sinonasal inverted papilloma and associated squamous cell carcinoma: Out‐HOXing developmental genes
Diana Bell MD, Achim H. Bell PhD, Michael E. Kupferman MD, Victor G. Prieto MD, PhD, Randal S. Weber MD, Ehab Y. Hanna MD

Pages: 3090-3104 | First Published: 30 April 2019


Assessment of quality and consistency of monoclonal antibodies for CB1 and CB2 in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Kelly E. Daniels BS, Adam J. Luginbuhl MD, Stacey K. Mardekian MD, David M. Cognetti MD, Joseph M. Curry MD, Andrew P. South PhD

Pages: 3105-3113 | First Published: 29 April 2019


The molecular landscape of the University of Michigan laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell line panel
Jacqueline E. Mann BS, Aditi Kulkarni MS, Andrew C. Birkeland MD, Judy Kafelghazal BS, Julia Eisenberg BS, Brittany M. Jewell BS, Megan L. Ludwig BS, Matthew E. Spector MD, Hui Jiang PhD, Thomas E. Carey PhD, J. Chad Brenner PhD, MSE

Pages: 3114-3124 | First Published: 15 May 2019


Risk stratification of fine‐needle aspiration cytology of parotid neoplasms based on the Milan system—Experience from a tertiary center in Asia
Kevin C. C. Choy MBChB, Manish M. Bundele MBBS, Hao Li MMED, Ernest W. Fu MMED, Nandini C. L. Rao MD, Ming Yann Lim MMED

Pages: 3125-3132 | First Published: 27 May 2019


Clinical and functional outcomes after total laryngectomy and laryngopharyngectomy: Analysis by tumor subsite, salvage status, and extent of resection
Christopher J. Perdoni MD, Griffin D. Santarelli MD, Elliot Y. Koo MD, Daniel W. Karakla MD, Matthew J. Bak MD

Pages: 3133-3143 | First Published: 18 May 2019


Transoral laser microsurgery for treatment of oropharyngeal cancer in 368 patients
Bernhard G. Weiss MD, Friedrich Ihler MD, Mahalia Zoe Anczykowski, Mattis Bertlich MD, Julia Kitz MD, Wolfgang Steiner MD, Martin Canis MD, Mark Jakob MD

Pages: 3144-3158 | First Published: 10 June 2019


Effective, same‐day preoperative embolization and surgical resection of carotid body tumors
Kartsunori Katagiri MD, Kiyoto Shiga MD, Aya Ikeda MD, Daisuke Saito MD, Shin‐ichi Oikawa MD, Kodai Tshuchida MD, Jun Miyaguchi MD, Akio Tamura MD, Tatsuhiko Nakasato MD, Shigeru Ehara MD, Kazuyuki Ishida MD

Pages: 3159-3167 | First Published: 22 May 2019


Improved accuracy of hemimandibular reconstructions involving the condyle by utilizing hydroformed reconstruction plates rather than hand‐bent stock plates
Hui Shan Ong BDS, MD, PhDJian Nan Liu DDS, MD, PhD, Abdelrehem Ahmed DDS, MD, PhD, Xing Zhou Qu DDS, MD, PhD, Kenneth Wan DDS, MD, , ClinOMFS, Dong Ping Xie MS, Chen Ping Zhang DDS, MD, PhD

Pages: 3168-3176 | First Published: 28 May 2019


Patterns of care and survival impact of adjuvant chemoradiotherapy for oropharyngeal cancer with intermediate‐risk features
Alexander N. Goel BA, Sophia Sangar BA, Laith Mukdad BA, Chase M. Heaton MD, William R. Ryan MD, Marilene B. Wang MD, Jennifer L. Long MD, PhD, Maie A. St. John MD, PhD

Pages: 3177-3186 | First Published: 20 May 2019


Prevalence and clinical and psychological correlates of high fear of cancer recurrence in patients newly diagnosed with head and neck cancer
Spela Mirosevic MSc, Belinda Thewes PhD, Carla van Herpen MD, PhD, Johannes Kaanders MD, PhD, Thijs Merkx MD, Gerry Humphris PhD, Robert J. Baatenburg de Jong MD, PhD, Johannes A. Langendijk MD, PhD, C. René Leemans MD, PhD, Chris H. J. Terhaard MD, PhD, Irma M. Verdonck‐de Leeuw PhD, Robert Takes MD, PhD, Judith Prins PhD, the NET‐QUBIC Consortium

Pages: 3187-3200 | First Published: 07 June 2019


Impact of smoking cessation on clinical outcomes in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma receiving curative chemoradiotherapy: A prospective study
Jenny Ling‐Yu Chen MD, PhD, Chia‐Wei Shen MD, Chia‐Chun Wang MD, Yu‐Sen Huang MD, PhD, Jo‐Pai Chen MD, Chien‐Hsieh Chiang MD, Yu‐Li Lin PhD, Sung‐Hsin Kuo MD, PhD, Chun‐Wei Wang MD, PhD

Pages: 3201-3210 | First Published: 22 May 2019


Ultrasound can help to indirectly predict contact of parotid tumors to the facial nerve, correct intraglandular localization, and appropriate surgical technique
Georgios Psychogios MD, PhD, Holger Rueger MD, Monika Jering MD, Eleni Tsoures MD, Julian Künzel MD, PhD, Johannes Zenk MD, PhD

Pages: 3211-3218 | First Published: 10 June 2019


Efficacy of combined surgery and 125I seed brachytherapy for treatment of primary mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the parotid gland
Zhi‐Yuan Wu MD, Wen‐Jie Wu MD, Lei Zheng MD, Ming‐Wei Huang PhD, Yan Shi MD, Xiao‐Ming Lv MD, Shu‐Ming Liu MD, Jian‐Guo Zhang BSMed, Jie Zhang MD

Pages: 3219-3225 | First Published: 22 May 2019


Projected oropharyngeal carcinoma incidence among middle‐aged US men
Li Xu PhD, Kristina R. Dahlstrom PhD, David R. Lairson PhD, Erich M. Sturgis MD, MPH

Pages: 3226-3234 | First Published: 24 May 2019


Efficacy of posttreatment radioiodine scanning in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer
Shorook Na’ara MD, PhD, Kamel Mahameed MD, Moran Amit MD, PhD, Jacob T. Cohen MD, Michal Weiler‐Sagie MD, PhD, Igor Albitskiy MD, Ziv Gil MD, PhD, Salem Billan MD

Pages: 3235-3240 | First Published: 04 June 2019


Association between blood pressure and postoperative hematomas in the patients undergoing head and neck cancer reconstruction
Kuan‐Ying Wang MD, Kuo‐Chung Yang MD, Fang‐Yi Su MD, Yu‐Ching Chen MD, Yu‐Hsuan Hsieh MD, Shiao‐Lin Huang MD, Wen‐Chung Liu MD, PhD

Pages: 3241-3246 | First Published: 07 June 2019


Combined analysis of miRNA‐181a with phase angle derived from bioelectrical impedance predicts radiotherapy‐induced changes in body composition and survival of male patients with head and neck cancer
Tomasz Powrózek PhD, Anna Brzozowska PhD, Marcin Mazurek MSc, Radosław Mlak PhD, Grzegorz Sobieszek PhD, Teresa Małecka‐Massalska

Pages: 3247-3257 | First Published: 04 June 2019


Level of plasma catecholamine predicts surgical outcomes of carotid body tumors: Retrospective cohort study
Huanrui Hu PhDJichun Zhao PhD, , Zhoupeng Wu PhD, Bin Huang PhD

Pages: 3258-3264 | First Published: 03 June 2019


Primary organ preservation vs total laryngectomy for T4a larynx cancer
Justin Oh MD, Eitan Prisman MD, Robert Olson MSc, MD, Eric Berthelet MD, Jonn Wu MD, Eric Tran MD, Brendan Bakos MSc, Rojin Kaviani BS, Sarah Nicole Hamilton MD

Pages: 3265-3275 | First Published: 19 June 2019


Efficacy of indocyanine green fluorescence in predicting parathyroid vascularization during thyroid surgery
Alexander C. Razavi MPH, Kareem Ibraheem MD, Antoine Haddad MD, Lachin Saparova MD, Hosam Shalaby MD, Mohamed Abdelgawad MD, MD, Emad Kandil MD, MBA

Pages: 3276-3281 | First Published: 17 June 2019


Novel technique for the direct closure of the radial forearm flap donor site defect with a local bilobed flap
Mubarak Ahmed Mashrah DDS, MSc, PhD, Yan Lingjian DDS, MSc, Thomas Peter Handley BDS, MBChB, Chaobin Pan DDS, MD, PhD, Chen Weiliang DDS, D, PhD

Pages: 3282-3289 | First Published: 11 June 2019


Outcomes of dental and craniofacial osseointegrated implantation in head and neck cancer patients
Phillip Moore BSc (Hons), MD, Damien Grinsell MBBS, FRACS, Bernard Lyons MBBS, FRACS, Ian Hewson BDSc, FRACDS

Pages: 3290-3298 | First Published: 19 June 2019


Utilization of rehabilitation services in patients with head and neck cancer in the United States: A SEER‐Medicare analysis
Jennifer R. Wang MD, ScM, Zhannat Nurgalieva PhD, Shuangshuang Fu PhD, Samantha Tam MD, MS, Hui Zhao PhD, Sharon H. Giordano MD, MPH, Katherine A. Hutcheson PhD, Carol M. Lewis MD, MPH

Pages: 3299-3308 | First Published: 25 June 2019


A nomogram to estimate the risk of developing distant metastases in parotid cancer
Luca Giovanni Locatello MD, Angelo Cannavicci MD, Chiara Bruno MD, Giandomenico Maggiore MD, Vincenzo Napoleone MSc, Oreste Gallo MD

Pages: 3309-3316 | First Published: 04 July 2019


High‐grade radiologic extra‐nodal extension predicts distant metastasis in stage II nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Yujun Hu MD, Tianzhu Lu MD, Shao Hui Huang MSc, MD, Shaojun Lin MD, Yunbin Chen MD, Yanhong Fang MD, Han Zhou MD, Yiping Chen MD, Jingfeng Zong MD, PhD, Yu Zhang MD, Ying Chen MD, Jianji Pan MD, Youping Xiao MD, PhD, Qiaojuan Guo MD, PhD

Pages: 3317-3327 | First Published: 17 June 2019


Predictive value of the milking patency test when performing the arterial microanastomosis in head and neck surgery
Fabien Podeur MD, Benjamin Peyrachon MD, Lara Nokovitch MD, Maria Adèle Dammacco MD, Quentin Qassemyar MD, PhD, Sophie Deneuve MD

Pages: 3328-3333 | First Published: 22 June 2019


Endoscopic transoral parathyroidectomy: Initial experience
Luis‐Mauricio Hurtado‐López MD, PhD, Sandra‐Haydee Gutiérrez‐Román MD, MSc, Erich Basurto‐Kuba MD, Kuauhyama Luna‐Ortiz MD

Pages: 3334-3337 | First Published: 03 June 2019


Prognostic markers in salivary gland cancer and their impact on survival
Mateusz Szewczyk MD, Andrzej Marszałek MD, PhD, Jacek Sygut MD, PhD, Paweł Golusiński MD, PhD, Wojciech Golusiński MD, PhD

Pages: 3338-3347 | First Published: 27 June 2019


Objective and quantifiable measuring mechanism for assessing flap pliability: Our experience with 92 patients
Jhonatan Elia MD, Ayal Hassidim MD, Allan Billig MD, Katya Chapchay MD, Chieh‐Tsai Wu MD, Shao‐Yu Hung MD, David Chon‐Fok Cheong MD, Chung‐Kan Tsao MD

Pages: 3348-3355 | First Published: 08 July 2019


Second primary tumors in patients with a head and neck paraganglioma
Kevin J. Contrera MD, MPH, Valeda Yong MD, Chandana A. Reddy MS, Eren Berber MD, Robert R. Lorenz MD, MBA

Pages: 3356-3361 | First Published: 25 June 2019


The role of CIP2A as a therapeutic target of rapamycin in radioresistant head and neck cancer with TP53 mutation
Song Hee Kim PhD, Won Hyeok Lee PhD, Daseul Seong, Jae Hee An, Hyoung Uk Je MD, Hae Yun Nam PhD, Sang Yoon Kim MD, PhD, Seong Who Kim MD, PhD, Myung Woul Han MD, PhD

Pages: 3362-3371 | First Published: 03 July 2019


The image‐guided operating room—Utility and impact on surgeon’s performance in the head and neck surgery
Nidal Muhanna MD, PhD, Catriona M. Douglas MBChB, MD, Michael J. Daly PhD, Harley H. L. Chan PhD, Robert Weersink PhD, Jimmy Qiu PhD, Jason Townson PhD, John R. de Almeida MSc, MD, David Goldstein MSc, MD, Ralph Gilbert MD, Eugene Yu MD, Walter Kucharczyk MD, David A. Jaffray PhD, Jonathan C. Irish MSc, MD

Pages: 3372-3382 | First Published: 09 July 2019


Completion surgery after extracapsular dissection of low‐grade parotid gland malignant tumors
Konstantinos Mantsopoulos MD, PhD, Sarina Mueller MD, Miguel Goncalves MD, Michael Koch PhD, Heinrich Iro PhD

Pages: 3383-3388 | First Published: 05 July 2019


A cadaveric study quantifying the anatomical landmarks of the facial artery and its parapharyngeal branches for safe transoral surgery
Aziza Mohamed MSc, Vinidh Paleri MBBS, MS, FRCS (ORL‐HNS), FRCS, CSiG, Ajith George MBChB, FRCS (ORL‐HNS)

Pages: 3389-3394 | First Published: 10 July 2019



Predictive value of CCND1/cyclin D1 alterations in the malignant transformation of potentially malignant head and neck disorders: Systematic review and meta‐analysis
Pablo Ramos‐García Ph, Miguel Ángel González‐Moles Ph , Ángela Ayén MD, Lucía González‐Ruiz MD, José Antonio Gil‐Montoya PhD, Isabel Ruiz‐Ávila PhD

Pages: 3395-3407 | First Published: 11 June 2019


Prevalence of trismus in patients with head and neck cancer: A systematic review with meta‐analysis
Amber L. Watters DDS, MPH, MS, Shane Cope DDS, MS, Meir N. Keller DDS, MS, Mariela Padilla DDS, MEd, Reyes Enciso PhD

Pages: 3408-342 | First Published: 19 June 2019


Late effects of chemo and radiation treatment on dental structures of childhood cancer survivors. A systematic review and meta‐analysis
Kyriaki Seremidi MSc, Dimitrios Kloukos Dr Med Dent, Argy Polychronopoulou PhD, Antonis Kattamis PhD, Katerina Kavvadia PhD

Pages: 3422-3433 | First Published: 22 June 2019


Systematic review of international guidelines for perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis in Head & Neck Surgery. A YO‐IFOS Head & Neck Study Group Position Paper
Carlos Miguel Chiesa‐Estomba MD, MS , Jérome R. Lechien MD, MSc, Ph , Nicolas Fakhry MD, Antoine Melkane MD, MSc, Christian Calvo‐Henriquez MD, Daniele de Siati MD, Jose Angel Gonzalez‐Garcia MD, PhD, Johannes Jacobus Fagan MBChB, MMed, FCS, Tareck Ayad MD

Pages: 3434-3456 | First Published: 08 July 2019


Controversies in free tissue transfer for head and neck cancer: A review of the literature
Marianne Abouyared MD, Andrew P. Katz MD, Liliana Ein MD, Jill Ketner PA‐C, Zoukaa Sargi MD, MPH, Elizabeth Nicolli MD, Jason M. Leibowitz MD

Pages: 3457-3463 | First Published: 09 July 2019



The effect of depth of invasion on node negative tongue cancer staging
William Lydiatt MD, EMBA

Pages: 3464-3465 | First Published: 02 May 2019


Transoral parathyroidectomy—Why make a simple operation complicated? A surgical fantasy
Ashok R. Shaha MD

Pages: 3466-3467 | First Published: 03 June 2019



Comment on “Ipsilateral neck radiotherapy in N2b well‐lateralized tonsil cancer—Approach with caution”
Lachlan McDowell MB BS, June Corry MD
Pages: 3468-3469 | First Published: 28 June 2019
In reply to McDowell et al
David Maskell FRCR, Hannah Buckley FRCR, Katherine Sisson FRCPath, Tom Roques FRCR, Dinos Geropantas FRCR
Pages: 3470-3471 | First Published: 28 June 2019



Simultaneous tracheal and esophageal reconstruction for thyroid cancer involving trachea and esophagus using a free bipaddled posterior tibial artery perforator flap
Jun Liu MD, PhD, Jianjun Ren MD, PhD, Dan Lv MD, PhD, Ji Wang MD, Di Deng MD, Linke Li MD, Haiyang Wang MD, PhD, Fei Chen MD, PhD

Pages: 3472-3477 | First Published: 25 June 2019


Segmental tracheal resection (nine rings) and reconstruction for carcinoma showing thymus‐like differentiation (CASTLE) of the thyroid
Justin Tran BA, Mark Zafereo MD, FACS

Pages: 3478-3481 | First Published: 24 June 2019



Infections of the ear, nose, throat, and sinuses.  By Durand, Marlene L.Deschler, Daniel G.. Springer, New York City, NY2018. $199.00 US. 404 pp
Jonathan S. Choi MD, Benjamin D. Lovin MD

Pages: 3482 | First Published: 07 June 2019



A novel approach to neurologic function sparing surgical management of vagal schwannomas: Continuous intraoperative nerve monitoring of the laryngeal adductor reflex
Mykayla L. Sandler BA , John R. Sims MD, Catherine Sinclair MD, Rebecca Ho, Lauren E. Yue BA, Maria J. Téllez MD, Sedat Ulkatan MD, Azita S. Khorsandi MD, Margaret Brandwein‐Weber MD, Mark L. Urken MD, FACE, FACS

Pages: E146-E152 | First Published: 06 May 2019


Brain and frontal‐bone metastasis from nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Case report and literature review
Zhen Su MXiaolong Cao M, Guorong Zou MD

Pages: E153-E158 | First Published: 02 July 2019